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10 years ago, TES hit rock bottom and nearly lost herself and disregarded anything she had worked for. This resulted in her dropping out of college and getting into senseless trouble. She felt disconnected from her Purpose for many years until she redefined success for herself. TES has experienced losing family members to suicide and gun violence which has inclined her study and learn the importance of mental health and holistic wellness.


Today, TES is an International Speaker, Author, and Coach spreading the importance of redefining success to reach ultimate transformation and long-lasting success. TES is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous Person of Color) Suicide Prevention Speaker. She is also an LGBTQ awareness speaker and Mental Wellness coach.


Organizations book TES as she provides tangible benefits on becoming more confident, and fulfilled while prioritizing mental, emotional, and physical health. She has transformed her life from feeling worthless to living a life full of purpose and would love to share her expertise with you and your organization.

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